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Double dipping is when a stick is used to apply wax and then placed back into the pot of wax again to apply more wax. In some places, they use a metal or stainless steel spatula to apply the wax, and use the same one over and over again. While it feels at times as though wax is scorching when it’s applied to our more delicate areas, it is not. Wax pots are and should only be set to heat to just above room temperature and should not burn our skin and that’s not even close to hot enough to kill the bacteria that can be transferred from the stick back into the wax pot.  We have consulted with doctors about the real facts of this and they all say that the wax would have to be in excess of 170 degrees in order to kill bacteria, which you can imagine would feel like hot lava being poured on your delicate parts.


Let’s break this down…if you are waxed at a place that double dips, they are using a pot of wax that has been used on who knows how many people before you. People who can potentially carry who knows what type of infections, bacteria and just plain ickiness!  When you are waxed those things can be transferred onto whatever area is being waxed. We don’t think we really need to spell out the gross concept of the various STD’s, bacterial infections and other problems that can be passed on to you. Not to mention, just the thought of someone waxing their womanly and manly bits, then using that same wax to apply to the upper lip and brow…..Ughhhhh!


So how do you make sure that you aren’t the victim of double dipping???


Our advice is if you aren’t already waxing somewhere like My Little Wax Bar, where we take pride in NO DOUBLE DIPPING and cleanliness – keep an eye out next time you wax somewhere. DO NOT ASK if they double dip because if they do they won’t tell you they do, but watch and see what they do. If they apply your wax then place the stick back into the pot for you, they did it for the clients before you. And if they say it’s a new pot of wax, remember they will have clients after you in which they will likely do the same to them.  If this happens we suggest stopping your service and finding a new place to take care of your waxing needs.


We hope this bit of information helps you to understand the No Double Dipping concept. We sincerely care for and appreciate our clients and are here for any questions you may have about waxing and skincare.


All Our Best!

Lacey and Felicia…XOXO!

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