What To Do Before & After Your Appt

  • The day of your appt. shower and gently exfoliate the area to be waxed (excluding facial wax).


  • For hygienic precautions WE DO NOT TRIM pubic hair.  To ensure a more efficient wax bikini hair should be NO shorter than a half an inch and NO longer than an inch.  If you need trimming please do so prior to your appt.  Be advised that stubble will not be removed.


  • Wear comfortable & loose clothing


  • For women, you will be more sensitive 4 days before and 4 days after your menstrual cycle, if you are ill or just getting over being ill, if you are pregnant, or if you are "stressed" out


  • You may take 2 Ibuprofen or Advil (unless you have sensitivties or allergies to pain relievers please consult your physician) approximately 30 minutes before your appt.  This will help with inflammation and some discomfort afer your wax.


  • Let us know if you are taking any medications, are pregnant, are diabetic, or have any major changes in health.


Waxing exfoliates the skin and the pores and hair follicles are open and exposed.  To reduce the chance of external "bad bacteria" entering into your sensitized skin and potentially causing any irritation, it is very important that for 48 to 72 hours Post Wax you treat your skin with care. While your skin is healing we highly recommend avoiding the following:


  • Tight Clothing

  • Vigorous Exercise and Working Out (especially at public facilities where germs are looming around!)

  • Sweating

  • Tanning Beds or Direct Sun on Area Waxed

  • Hot Bath/Shower/Hot Tub (the pores are already "open", we want them to close)

  • Heavy Creams, Oils, Deodorants

  • Use of Heavy Makeup

  • Picking and/or scratching of the Skin (to avoid self induced irritation/infection)

  • Oh yes and ughem.....maybe postpone an intimate "date night"


What To Do For Skin Reactions:


We take every precaution to minimize or eliminate negative reactions as much as possible, however some people may have certain reactions to waxing (acneic breakout, skin rash, etc.). The following are some  post care tips and recommendations on what to do / use in the event that your skin should have such reaction.  Please consult your physician, dermatologist, or esthetician if you have any questions or concerns about any of these topicals we recommend before using anything.


  • Red and Itchy Bumps – lightly apply a Cortisone Cream

  • White Heads – use an antibacterial with Glycolic and/or Salycilic Acid

  • Ingrown Hairs – Exfoliate no less than 24 hours after your wax with a body brush, exfoliating glove, or Glycolic & Salycilic Pads (the glycolic will penetrate the follicle keeping it free of oil and debris and the salycilic will slough off the dead skin allowing the hair to grow thru)

  • Soreness on Delicate Areas – Use Aquaphor, Aloe Vera & Hydrocortisone can be used on the top area for redness or inflammation.

  • As always, please feel free to call or email immediately us with any other questions you may have!