Waxing Services

Here at My Little Wax Bar we use the most advanced products so that we are able to provide you with a comfortable service. Specializing in both Women's and Men's Full Body Waxing, we offer our clients an experience that puts their worries about hair removal at ease and we are proud to say that we NEVER DOUBLE DIP! 

Hair removal is no doubt an uncomfortable process and the level of sensitivity and tolerance varies from one person to the next.  However with with our signature waxing techniques and the use of our special blend of "Hard Wax" and best Italian Soft Wax your service will be fast, efficient and as "Painless as Possible" leaving your skin silky smooth with minimal irritation. We are confident that you will be more than pleased with your experience with us!  

Women's Brazilian 

Full - $55    Extra Hair - $65

The Women's Brazilian Wax includes the removal of hair starting at the top of the pelvic area, just outside the bikini line area, the labia, and inner buttocks.

"EXTRA HAIR" can/will be determined at time of service

**Note that if a "strip or triangle" is preferred, it is still considered a "Brazilian Wax".


Women's Bikini  

Simple - $40    Extended - $45-$50

The Simple Bikini Wax includes the removal of hair that is just outside and right above the panty line (front & back side)

The Extended Bikini Wax removes just a little more into the labia area, and the inner buttocks.

Men's Brazilian

Full - $90   Mini - $65

The Men's Brazilian Wax includes the removal of hair starting at the top and sides of the bikini line, pelvic area, the base of the shaft, scrotum, and inner buttocks (add $10 extra for thicker or longer hair)

The Mini Men's Brazilian Wax includes only the removal of hair at the base of the shaft, scrotum, and inner buttocks.

  • For hygienic reasons we do not trim or shave long hair

  • To reduce the discomfort of waxing, hair should not be more than 3/4" long

  • Hair should be about as long as a grain of rice

  • Stubble from shaving will not be removed

  • Waxing is recommended every 4-6 weeks

**We perform professional hair removal services ONLY and reserve the right to refuse service**

Eyebrows   27
Lip or Chin   12
Nose   15
Sideburns   15
Full Face   50
Underarms   25
Arms   35-45
Legs   40-85
Back   25-45
Stomach   30
Buttocks   20-30
Hands/Feet   10-15
Women's Menu
Eyebrows   27
Nose   15
Cheeks/Beard   20-45  
Ears   15
Neck   15
Underarm   25
Shoulders   25
Arms   40-55
Chest (incl. stomach)   45-60
Stomach   45
Back   40-70
Legs   45-85
Buttocks   25-50
Men's Menu

See our Wax Tips for more information on what to do before and after your wax. 


We look forward to seeing you soon!


*Prices Subject to Change*